#NewAlbum "One Thing For Sure" by Teddy Grahams #NewMusic #Hiphop #Rap #Music #USA

Rapper/Beatmaker, Teddy Grahams, drops 1 of the year's dopest hiphop album's titled, "One Thing For Sure". He sets the tone for the project early with standout track "1Thing4Sure". There is something here for everyone, as he especially caters to the women with melodic ballads like "1-4-3 interlude" and "Your King". All throughout "One Thing For Sure", Teddy shows his fun personal with certified club bangerz like "WTW", "Its A Go", and "Work Wit". Across the board, the production and mixing is off the charts!

Go download the full LP, "One Thing For Sure" and follow Teddy Grahams today below. 

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