MZM reigns supreme lyrics on new album 'Downpour'


MZM's new album "Downpour" is a breath fresh air. 13-tracks rains down creative lyricism and thought provoking concepts upon you. MZM opens his mind and lets you in on masterpieces like "Wrong Era", that covers the ills of today's society. In his battle rap stance, he snarls hot-fire punchlines on "Dylan""Love Is" not what you think it is. This an almost 12 minute long, twisted, toxic, love story that is re-told as hilarious as possible!   

Stand out tracks include the single titled, "Politricks ft. Emilio Rojas and Ras Kass".
"Politricks" gives them a good platform to voice their outlooks on everything from this crazy political race, the military industrial complex, and the racist, sexist, idiot Donald Trump.  MZM goes as far as saying Donald's moms should've swallowed him lol. What an awesome notion!

For a debut album MZM has hit the ground running. This is an amazing body of work that will take you back to hiphop's golden era of rap! Download the full album, "Downpour" on bandcamp and follow MZM's growing movement below.  

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