All Tray-D Needs Is An "808" On His New Song

If all Nas needs is "One Mic", then all Tray-D needs is an "808". Beatmaker, G-Fresh, provides the ill beat that is needed for Tray-D to spit potent poetry over! He explains what music means to him. He lays it all out with a very conversational conscious flow. This is heat from Tray-D's upcoming mixtape "The Hits Collection 2".

Tray-D has independently funded, promoted and released three popular mixtapes and more recently a Clean & Family Friendly album online called "All Ages Show" EP. More than just Hip Hop, it is aimed for your non-traditional rap listeners and hip hop heads alike. 
Tray-D is a breath of fresh air in this world of overnight, trendy radio songs. He values substance and integrity.

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