Kanye takes another L with Trump meeting

1st off, I have to say that I used to love Kanye. At least 3 classic albums. Says "President Bush don't care about black people" live on air. Appears at Grammys with a 5th of hen. The Chicago kid. That Kanye. I loved that Kanye.

Over years we've slowing been seeing another guy though. I threw every last 1 of my bootleg Kanye Cds outta my car window when I relieved how demonic that Yeezus shit really was. He started talking in a strange white voice during interviews. Crazy psycho rants at live shows. I was realized recently when it appeared that he was getting medical help for his condition, but now this nicca is riding TRUMP's dick??? Very sad.

This really looks like another chump move by Kanye. Read more here:

It looks like there was absolutely nothing wrong with Kanye West, when he co-signed Donald Trump during one of his rants, prior to his hospitalization at the end of November. Kanye drew widespread condemnation after his show at the SAP Center in San Jose, when Kanye revealed that if he would have voted, he “would have voted for Trump.” 
Just today, Kanye held an official meeting with Donald Trump at the Trump Towers, after the 39-year-old rap star requested an interview with the new president elect.
Even though Kanye is fresh out of an eight-day stint for “temporary psychosis,” he was able to get a top security clearance to visit Donald Trump. In fact, Donald Trump said Kanye was no threat at all. -allhiphop.com   

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