Mekfly is asking 'WYD' on new song

Welcome to Mekfly's world! His new banger "WYD" takes you through the day in the life of a young man with time to chill, listen to music, and txt some chics. "WYD" is the definition of 'coolin'. Mefly shows much versatility as he tells his story while switching his flow at the drop of a hat! The song has different audio textures and landscapes as Mekfly flips back and forth from chopped/screwed to his uptempo flow. "WYD" serves as a standout single from his new project titled "Kinda Cool Now". The single serves a perfect prequel of the album's smooth laid-back vibe.


Hailing from the Bay Area, Mekfly is a 19 yr old performing artist and dancer. Also the member and co founder of the hip hop collective Lost Radicals. Help push the movement forward, Like, Follow and Share.

Mekfly says, "Looking to expand fan base. I'm looking to make money to create my dream project. If you could, please donate to further the journey. Thank you."

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