iTz Giles drops breakup song "Cold Hearted"

Look what false love will do. Have her fucking somebody else. These hoes aint loyal... Not 1 bit. because of this he had a heart but he lost it. These are the powerful emotions expresses by new age rapper/singer, iTz Giles on his new breakup song "Cold Hearted". Listen to him all in his feelings as he autotune-harmonizes about a fine bitch who walked away with his heart. Read more about the homie, iTz Giles and download the full song "Cold Hearted" below on iTunes or Spotify today.

Wade Giles (Aka "iTz Giles") was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. Growing up he played a lot of sports before falling in love with music. In high school, Giles made his 1st recording ever. His first recording was a "Diss" track that consequently landed him in 10 days suspension from his High School for "Cyber Bullying". Till this day, Giles has continued his path of creating music, and has been perfecting his craft ever since. With his recent release titled "Cold Hearted" taking the internet by storm, and a beat produced by "Ric & Thaddeus" , the song takes on a very melodic R&Bl vibe. The lyrics tell a story of heartache and pain from a very toxic relationship. Giles is an up & coming artist thats rising to his stardom. Continue to follow "iTz Giles" through this journey of creation.

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