New R&B banger by Tee Cheri Babie "Watch"

Fast or Slow. However you want it, Tee Cheri Babie, can make that happen for you. Just sit back relax, and watch her work. Tee Cheri Babie brings you a hot new single titled "Watch". On "Watch" she uses her sexy voice to get her message across. This R&B and hiphop banger has some real flavor! This is a standout single from her new mixtape "Im Everything". Read more about Tee Cheri Babie and the full mixtape "Im Everything" today!!!

"Im Everything" Full Mixtape

Fresh, fun and hot new artist Tee Cheri Babie aka Tee Babie brings much more than her soulful voice to the table. Tee began singing at the young age of five, and by ten was not only singing but also songwriting. Music quickly became Tee’s center, as a homeschooled child music was her channel to the outside world. 

Her grassroots creativity gives Tee a raw edge on the competition, as she encompasses much more than just being a pretty face that can sing.

Her talents span from motivational speaking, to poetry, combined with her brilliant eye for putting words together, Tee singing and songwriting is multi dimensional and has depth, something that is sometimes all too rare in today’s industry. As a versatile pop and R&B sensation Tee Cheri will have audiences anticipating her next move and begging for more.

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