D-Wac -pens a heartfelt record to his mom with "Thank You Notes" @Dwac12

D-Wac -pens a heartfelt record to his mom with "Thank You Notes" @Dwac12

D-wac, is a rapper and producer with Tulsa, Oklahoma roots. He was inspired to start his career by his two older brothers who introduced him to rap artists like Run-D.M.C., whose work was influential to the development of his sound old school sound. In high school, D-wac could be found in the boy’s room freestyling with his friends in between classes.

A series of setbacks derailed his initial foray into his rap career with producer, Meech Wells. He persevered through an incarceration and the death of his brother, always continuing to write new material. D-wac’s current project and debut album, "Just Keep Drinking", released March 30th and is available on all major music platforms including iTunes and Apple Music. The 11 track album was released by Alive & Free L.L.C. and features the emotionally driven single, "Thank You Notes".

On the song, the Midwest artist offers up an honest apology to his mother for the situations he put her through. A vintage styled instrumental with an array of synth keys helps give the song it's reminiscent setting. He uses a vocal effect on the chorus where he lets he makes the proclamation to buy her an array of plush teddy bears while always having her back. 
If the listener digs even deeper, "Thank You Notes" also touches on D-wac's poor choice decisions and street dealings; which also had a negative impact on their relationship. After listening, it evident that the rapper has matured over the years and certainly understands the importance of a mother and son relationship. Listen to "Thank You Notes" above and then check out the "Just Keep Drinking" album afterwards.

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