Deson Teninchy drops a powerful new-age banger "For Poppa"

Ever so often we hear of children searching and yearning for a father figure in their lives to show them what growing up is like from a man's perspective. Deson Teninchy with newage father's anthem “For Poppa” highlights the fact that though not always present, there are still great and amazing dads out there that will forever stand by their children. The song "For Poppa" details the heartfelt dedication of an artists who was privileged to have their fathers who gave them direction in life and career. It also goes out for those who have a special bond with their fathers. Though children always want to have their "own way" at times, he notes the true fathers always have their backs and help to guide them on the right track.

Finally, this single fills the void for fathers' day celebration or any celebration dedicated to fathers. “For Poppa” is a standout single from his upcoming album. Listen to his recent interview and download the song today!

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