Mack MJ turns heartbreak into triumph with new-age banger "TYFWMT" (Thank You For Wasting My Time)

This is possibly the smoothest breakup song ever! New-age artist, Mack MJ, uses his new song to tell an ex "Thank You For Wasting My Time". hear him pull all his talent out of the bag as he delivers a breath of fresh air about such a personal topic. The outcome is a fun uptempo radio friendly new wave tune, that turns heartbreak into triumph! 

Mack MJ says, "Im a 23 year old independent artist Repping Dallas, TX. I Rap and Sing Pop. TYFWMT is a song about a girl or guy (your choice) that bashed your name or talked down on you like you’ve never done anything for them when you gave them your everything. You will definitely feel this song."


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