MC Dementor & DJ Decordha ft Cassidy- Zero Reasons to Fail

Sometimes we make wrong decisions that affect us
When we need em, They reject us
They say don't push that music, cos I'm on
Don't let em take u down when I'm gone
I know u can fight, cos u strong
Don't let em take u down when I'm gone
Go for gold, Go like green
Never stop, Never seize
Haters can watch, they never gone see;
That u flying, cos u gone

U got million reasons to win. (Million reasons to win 2x)
U got zero reasons to fail. (Zero reasons to fail 2x)

I got million reasons to win. (Million reasons to win 2x)
I got zero reasons to fail. (Zero reasons to fail 2x)

Cassidy Verse

We've seen sunny days and we've seen rain too
But whatever weather we get, we've got cedar to get
See Bein' broke is just something I could never forget
Now that I'm fly And I can buy shit I never could get
I spend cheddar on chicks, But I was never a trick
But most hoes rather have cash instead of the dick
See I was never of blood, I was never of crip
But I always been a gangsta, I was never a bitch
I don't think you ever heard a flow better than this
I'm so great I hold weight like a pregnant bitch, about to go in labor
Pro niggas know I'm major, No one can save ya
Cause when I write I make the pen in my hand melt
That's why I got the damn belt
U're too young to give up son, u were made for greatness
Go for greatness, And always remember that the only time u fail is when u give up
So go son, Go for greatness
U've got zero reasons to fail

"Some music critics as claim rapper Cassidy hasn't been somehow off the music scene for a while now although he's been dropping a couple of freestyles which he usually gains positive response from his fans. Some say when was the last time u heard a Cassidy hit at a party or on the radio since he released his hit single my drink and my two step a decade ago. Yes it's been a decade since Cassidy released a hit.

Meanwhile 2016 wasn't bad for the rapper as he been working hard for a comeback. In January 2017 he released a Mixtape, Da Barbarian and had great response of the global hip hop lovers and media as well. 

You can tell rapper isn't playing this year as he follows up with another motivational banger, with upcoming Memphis duo MC Dementor and DJ Decordha. ZeroReasonsToFail, which is the title of the song became viral on YouTube with 550 k plays only in two weeks after release due to the motivational message behind the song.. The song tells how one must not give up but push till he reaches the top. Can Cassidy make it to billboard hot 100 again with this single.. Well let's wait and see if indeed he has zero reasons to fail."


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