#SongOfTheWeek RKM Legend releases a new-age song for the ladies "Like Dis"

On-the-verge alternative hiphop artist, RKM Legend, delivers a solid hit with his new groove "Like Dis". This is smooth new-age anthem that glorifies the strength of beautiful independent women everywhere! We were happy to select this as USA Blog Network's #SongOfTheWeek as RKM showcases his superior song-writing and harmonizing abilities here. Read more of his story and download the new single "Like Dis"today!

XXXTENTACION before he died inspired RKM Legend in his song “Like Dis” to go deeper into the mind of a woman by submerging deep deep into sensitivity and aggression. X Originally was supposed to be on the second verse but because of his passing that was unable to happen.
The song starts off as a fun calm free vibe feeling but quickly changes into a more subtle sensitive and serious vibe to get the listener to feel on their toes until the ultimate climax at the end of the song with RKM Legend Hardcore aggression and dominance showing RKM Legend split “Gemini like” personality that makes this song more intriguing. The song was also co-signed by Houston rapper and songwriter, Trill Sammy. 

Rkm Legend is a independent rapper/ singer and songwriter from Houston Texas and also the little cousin of Houston’s pioneer DJ screw. Rkm Legend‘s unOrthodox style of writing music and delivering his bars is very unique with the mixture of being from the streets and also from middle class world has put him on a level far advanced from his peers. Because of this he can speak to women that are the most sensitive and also to the hardest gangster in the neighborhood. Because of this split personality he’s very unpredictable with his bare and delivery because you never know what’s about to happen. www.RKMLegend.net

"Like Dis"


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