J'Moris introduces himself with new-age trap anthem "K.A.M"

After watching colorful new visuals for trap anthem titled Know About Me or "K.A.M", you will gain insight into the creative mind of on-the-verge Fort Worth, Texas hiphop artist, J'Moris. Listen as J approaches a triumphant SupaMario slapper with the street sophistication of a young T.I and cleverly executed punchlines of a 2 Chainz. "K.A.M" gives him the platform to place himself on a higher level compared to other newage hiphop that you hear out there today. Learn more about the rise of J'Moris and follow his growing movement today.

J'Moris, born in Ft. Worth Texas, was raised in Hillsboro Texas. As a child he always found himself drawn to music.

Being a Southern Native, He grew up listening to and being influenced by Southern Legends such as, Scarface, UGK, Chamillionaire, and other great Texas artist. He was also heavily influenced by the styles and lyrics of East coast rappers. Over the years he learned to combine the witty lyrics with his southern style, thus creating an unique flow.


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