JVNIOR AMOUX new-age RnB single “MORNING”

Slick and sultry is Australia’s own, JVNIOR AMOUX’s, twilight opus, “Morning”. The moment you press play, you are greeted by a warm, pitch-altered sample of R&B group, Blackstreet’s 1996 classic, “Good Lovin’” (from their second project, “Another Level). “We can do it ‘til the — morning / Good lovin’ in the evening.” the sample croons seductively, before being utterly overtaken by AMOUX’s own velvety vocalization. Wrapped in the warm embrace of milky bassline and rich groove of drums, the Sydney singer flexes his penchant for songwriting, caroling melodiously with autotuned allure. He certainly knows how to craft a record; diving into memorable bridges and runs throughout his verses. That talent reaches its zenith on this record, when the songbird enters the chorus, embellishing every second of the hook with angelic harmonization and clever interpolations of Blackstreet’s original lyrics. “Morning”, by all accounts, is a mood-setter; fit for that late night, at-home date, and its steamy morning-after. With cuts like these under his belt, JVNIOR AMOUX is peerless as Australia’s PR&B prodigy.



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