Vinnie-Dangerous releases powerful new album “Dream To Escape Hell”


Cutting through the silence is an eerie crackle of vinyl, shrouded in tension and suspense. Seconds later, in apocalyptic fashion, the rumble of an 808 slides into the track, rode by a high-pitched violin. If you’ve survived this initial detour, you’re guided into a sombre, yet beautiful gospel section; formally introduced to Vinnie-Dangerous’s opening track, “Hell On Earth”. It is the intro-track to his latest longplayer; and a jaw-breaking starter, to say the least. Perfectly embodying everything the intro presents, “Dream To Escape Hell” is in-your-face, and astoundingly unapologetic. It is twelve tracks of pure lyricism, passion, and tameless aggression; laced by short skits and a prism of production. From the boom-bap masterpieces, “Wrath (feat. Konvo)”, “Attention (feat. Kee Note)”, and “Exorcise My Demons (feat. Bird Nefertiti & Southside Jus); to the head-thrashing, trap smashes “Pride”, and “Forgiveness (feat. Fetty Rux); and most especially, the peerless R&B/Funk inflections of hit single, “One Man”; this album resonates like a musical manifesto. Certainly, he is cut from the same Fayetteville cloth as Hip-Hop titan, J Cole, for his conscious commentary on the mic is bar-none. From his ridicule of the current state of Hip-Hop/mumble rappers, to his blatant attacks on the racist systems embedded in our country, Vinnie-Dangerous shows not only does he understand the power of his voice; but that he is likewise determined to use it. And use it for a purpose so many of his contemporaries refuse. No longer should the Southern emcee have to “Dream To Escape Hell”. If enough are willing to listen to this breathtaking work of art, as far as his future, nothing but paradise awaits.

“Dream To Escape Hell” 


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