Zo the Scholar is a man on a mission with dope new EP “Power Move(s)”

Back with lyrics and flows galore, is Detroit-born, Carolina-based titan, Zo the Scholar, as if he never left. He totes along a spectacular, six-track project, “Power Move(s) EP”, and proves once again why he’s a jewel in the mine of modern, underground Hip-Hop. Its evident from the onslaught of the first track, “Blowin’ Up”, where a minimal, piano-driven trap production courts the artist through a flurry of charismatic bars. His Midwest-friendly, freestyle-esque flow is Zo’s greatest asset. When added to the already-impeccable instrumentals of “Tyra Banks”, “Doa”, and “Cold Feet”, these idiosyncratic, yet head-snapping bangers are birthed. As each record comes and goes, it becomes crystal clear how finely Zo the Scholar has sharpened his style. Tireless nights in the studio for our Charlotte emcee have garnered him an undeniable formula for new-age rap smashes. With “Power Move(s) EP”, he proves poised to crack open the earth, from the underground, and emerge among the next, promising wave of Hip-Hop’s talented.

“Power Move(s)” EP


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