Alternative Hiphop/Pop artist Maggy’s Kid releases addictive new-age single “I Think I Hate U”

It’s 3AM and I’m still in your bed / It’s been too long and I’m still in your head,” is possibly the most gorgeous hook you’ll hear this late in the year. It comes courtesy of none other than California-born rapper, Maggy’s Kid; and is his bubbly new single, “I Think I Hate You”. “I Think I Hate You” is a melodic, near-three minute venture into conflicted love by the Los Angeles native; started with a celestial, synth progression. That progression leads into a smooth bounce of uptempo, trap drums; which dribble under Maggy’s’ incoming vocals. Immediately, the now Chicago-based artist dives into the hook, driven by a pop-punk influenced edge that manifests the perfect, heartfelt delivery. From verse to hook, “I Think I Hate You” embodies every facet of a banger; and proves Maggy’s Kid is beyond ready for the mainstream circuit. With his pen, genius in melody, and contagious command of sound, he certainly has more than what it takes.

“I Think I Hate U” on Spotify


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