BEST ADDIT releases hard hitting hustler's anthem “MILLI ON MY MIND”

Through a filtered yet gutter, Detroit-worn voice, rapper, Best Addit, mutters “I got a milli’ on my mind, nobody’s stopping mine.”. This comes a few seconds past the beginning loop of a synth-sample, and just bars early of the lyrical annihilation Addit unbolts. A street-shaking 808 barrels into the track, chaperoned by snares, hihats, and the Midwest madman’s own nonchalant delivery. Yes, Best Addit is cool, calm, and collected when telling the stories of his endeavors and upbringing; as if their realities have already been accepted in his veteran mind. From grinding in the streets, attracting women, and watching his back; the Motor City rapper lays out the ambitions of a hustler in “Milli On My Mind”. The music video compliments his narrative; showcasing Best Addit in a variety of settings, cloaked in a shadowy greyscale of black and white. Nothing short of an anthem, Best Addit’s trap single “Milli On My Mind” is certain to make a splash on every block surrounding the Great Lakes.

“MILLI ON MY MIND” on Spotify


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