D-Brown releases new-age love hit “Put A Ring On It”

For a melodic, moving joint dedicated to the ladies, on-the-verge rapper, D-Brown, has recruited the luminous vocals of Mannish Mania. In little under four-minutes, these two talented forces have combined and created the radio-ready hit, “Put A Ring On It”; and it is as infectious as a single can be. An arrangement of stark, piano chords forms an ideal bed for a bouncing trap kick, rattling hi-hats, snare, and smooth 808. Although, this is definitely a song the women can enjoy, the Gary rapper is merciless with his delivery and lyrics. A guttural, street-hardened voice shoots explicit bar after explicit bar about his significant other. Mannish Mania perfectly follows up these sentiments with a sensual hook. “I’mma put a ring on it.” he croons, under the roll of 808s, before adorning the record with his own erotic verse. Without question, “Put A Ring On It” is in mint position to win the radio and conquer the clubs. Toting a hit like this?; these two are in for an astronomical new year.

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