Last Cabal delivers a #classichiphop album titled "Vol 1"

Last Cabal sparks the brain with new introspective hiphop offering "Vol 1". Last Cabal is an hip hop band from the South Jersey/New York area combining instrumentation with new school and old school production into a fusion covering lost of different sounds. "Vol. 1" is a breath of fresh air to hiphop purists as it jogs the memory of what music is all about. The lyricism is thick and with a truckload of metaphors, clever punchlines and throwback memorabilia. There are unorthodox slappers like "ILL Minds" ft hiphop heavyweight, Micky Factz, lyrical exercise of "Happy Father's Day", and the powerful socially consciousness of "Runnin". All of this and more makes "Vol 1" a classic in our modern time!

"Vol 1" 


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