RawJxw is a lyrical monster on new banger “Rawcula”

Somewhere in the depths of a Transylvanian cellar, a monster was dwelling. For centuries, this beast, dressed in modern-trap, Floridian decor, has lie dormant, awaiting the perfect opportunity to rise and wreak utter havoc upon the world. That time apparently has come; and the boom of a thunderous 808 has catapulted this monster right into our speakers. A lyrical monster, none otherwise as RawJxw; and along with him, he brings a vicious thirst for blood that has gone unquenched. “Rawcula”. It is the Miami rapper’s latest offering, and it is apocalyptic to say the least. An old, “Dracula” sample introduces the record, afore RawJxw rushes into a vampiric massacre of the ominous instrumental. For two minutes and forty seconds, the Vice City artist spins the mic with a blur of bars. Backing adlibs build the energy of the track; forming this riotous momentum. One that, when performed, is certain to launch the crowd into an aggressive mosh-pit. In so few words, “Rawcula” fully embodies the aura of its namesake; being raw, unhinged and utterly frightening to the faint of heart. From the underground, this rapping monster is emerging; and any beat in his crosshairs, from this point onward, is most certainly a goner.

“Rawcula” on Soundcloud


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