Razzie empowers women with new #club #banger “Pu**y Power”

Fort Pierce spitter, Razzie, cuts right to the chase with “Pussy Power”, his latest, eclectic offering. The twerk of a colorful marimba ushers in this record, sided by a metallic rattle and swelling kick. Once the kick has stomped to its pinnacle, it explodes into a buzzing, enticing 808; propelled by the Floridian artist’s provocative hook. “She got Pussy Power... Now she feel empowered!” he chants melodically, clad in zeal and audacious autotune. As raw and uncut as this chorus initially sounds, it is quite actually a praise of femininity. This theme trails the Miami-based rapper’s lyrics, as he embarks on a two minute and fifty-six second homage to strong, sexually-liberated, independent women. Wielding the ardor of Floridian legend, Uncle Luke himself, Razzie rockets with a light-hearted banger for the next girl’s night out. It is a fun, filthy trap smash certain to have nightclubs across the nation buzzing for more. 

“Pu**y Power” on Spotify https://goo.gl/wAfKBG


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