SupremeNu releases controversial new hiphop single “Man Down”

Wielding pain, depth, and darkness, Michigan rapper, SupremeNu, presents “Man Down”. The song is three minutes and sixteen seconds of lyrical and instrumental surgery on an open wound; centered around the loss of a close friend to gun violence. Carried by a heart-wrenching, blues guitar, trumpets, trap drums, and passionate, Outkast-esque flow, SupremeNu relives the entire fiasco. He details in his first verse witnessing the death personally, and how indomitable the river of tears have been hence then. Yet, as traumatic as this event was for the Jackson-repping, Florida-based artist, he uses it as incredible fuel on the mic. The pair of passion and pain weld into his voice is unignorable. It bleeds heavier and heavier through your speakers as the song progresses; and by the end, you are engulfed in his grief. That solidifies this track’s place as one of the underground, Hip-Hop highlights of this year. Not only is it an outstanding tribute to his resting friend; but it, likewise, commands an empathy that one could never evade.

“MAN DOWN” on Spotify


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