Tray Bndo releases creative new-age banger “Can't Stop Now”

There’s a deep-seeded melancholy crawling through the beat on Tray Bndo’s latest, “Can’t Stop Now”. One that creeps into your veins, through its poignant melody, and lunges into the pit of your heart. Ostensibly, we’re not alone in this experience. The New Jersey rapper had to feel the same, seeing as he lyrically pours his entire heart out over this instrumental. In pristine, A-Boogie fashion, Tray Bndo releases a stream-of-conscious flow onto the beat. Anything and everything irking or ailing him is expressed; from women, money, betrayal, and fellows envying him throughout his Trenton streets. It’d be difficult to believe the rapper didn’t run out of pages penning these verses. That is a testament to how many heavy-hitting bars he unleashes over the 808-slamming, modern-trap production. How many lines went into crafting this undeniable record. The ambience alone will place this song in the center of the club scene, and nightly aux cords across the nation. Without question, Tray Bndo is a promising East Coast talent. With the attention he’s getting from this single, even he knows he “Can’t Stop Now”.

Can't Stop Now” on Youtube


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