Barz Noble delivers a fine mixture of hiphop, soul, and poetry with new album “SCOAP: Soul Chapters Of A Poetic”

Like the serene waters at its coasts, music must flow gorgeously through The Bahamas. If not evidenced by the reign of Calypso, Latin, and Reggae music; it most certainly solidified by the growth of Hip Hop in the region. And there hasn’t been a single more breath-taking vanguard for the splay of underground Hip-Hop, than the wistful Barz Noble. In an act of smoothness and ardent artistry, the Caribbean native has dropped “Soul Chapters Of A Poetic”; a ten-track masterpiece that will elevate your new year. Certainly, the album lives up to its namesake; being entirely soulful in orchestration. “For Us” (feat. Natino), “Time To Let Go” (feat. Sketch), “Sevenfold” (feat. EBONY MUZIK), “Take A Sip” and “Legacy”, to name a few, are all records that are beyond musically enlightened. They each pull from a board of genres and aesthetics; which manifest this palette of grooves, melodies, and harmonies unlike any you have heard before. And the island rapper glides these facets with a grace only the Golden Age of Hip-Hop could parallel. He is intelligent lyrically; smooth with delivery; and cunning with his coastal flow. There is not a lackluster moment on Barz Noble’s latest album. If “Soul Chapters Of A Poetic” is his way of launching into the new year; we are in for a cosmic 2019.

“SCOAP: Soul Chapters Of A Poetic”
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