DV Universe Releases "It's An EP" on All Streaming Sites !!!


Different and Versatile is what DV in DV Universe should stand for.  All of DV songs are 3 dimensional. Down to switching his flow mid bar, to speaking on things other than shooting guns etc. Doing music for quite some time now, you can see DV’s industry influences in his tracks. Lil B, Chief Keef, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and Gucci Mane have all become successful for being multifaceted rappers. They all have a certain flow but often switch it up mid-song too. In a social media world, you have to keep the attention of the listener throughout the entire song.

Social media has enslaved most of us mentally when it comes to music. DV believes the music industry will always survive because “The universe is musical in nature. Music is eternal.” Different in song flow, style, and thinking. Line after line you see that DV wants to help free how the world thinks. The world is lost in hate. The ugly truth is, everyone in the world needs to love more, to get more love. Every song DV puts out is relatable to most. If we change our thoughts we can eventually walk in unconditional love.

The passion his aunt put into her rap career, influenced DV to be the creative he is today. You will learn through his music that he has changed a lot in life. DV has taken a lot of sacrifices to be where he is in life. If DV is not playing video games, self-learning, doing yoga and meditating, you can find him in the lab at Suite 16 Recording Studio in Tampa. He accredits the professional staff with helping him get his foot into the music scene on another level. Look for his write up on blogs like This is 50, USA Music Review, Atlanta Bangerz, Miami Bangerz to learn about his career. Currently, you can find DV’s new EP titled, “It’s An EP” on all platforms that stream music. This EP shows where he travels into the future and finds his purpose in music. If music does not work, DV will continue he quest with video games.

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