Kbzzy Tha Representa releases new hiphop groove "Tonite"

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If you found yourself missing that timeless, G-Funk sound, championed by the likes of 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre, this is the perfect record for you. Although, he hails from Houston, Texas, rapper, Kbzzy Tha Representa, is paying homage to the golden era of Southern California, with his latest, “Tonight”. As aforementioned, this record boasts everything you love about that impactful time in LA Hip-Hop history. From its smooth, undulating synths; to the groove of its funky bassline; and even the crash of its mechanical drums; “Tonight” is a portal that will blast you decades into the West Coast’s past. Yet, Kbzzy’s delivery and flow will ensure you still feel his Texas trill. An aggressive, rapid-fire flow is seasoned with a slurred, Southern swang. At points, even the instrumental caves in under the weight of Kbzzy’s poised, indomitable bars. Kbzzy Tha Representa has created a nostalgic Southern G-Funk banger, available for Pre-Save in lieu of its February 8th release date. When it is dropped, his Texan flow, matched with this Californian beat, and the classic, sampled chorus, will ensure it is the only song you listen to “Tonight.


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