OTM Ruger starring in Jit Story

(Based on a True Story)

The Generation Z, those born between the mid-1990s to mid-2000s, are often forgotten about until they are in trouble. Especially, those in urban areas. Urban kids look up to the drug dealers, robbers, and thugs. With not much positive influence from elders, the streets often raise teens. Who later on grow to be adults always in and out of trouble. OTM Ruger’s life is no different.

OTM Ruger’s story isn’t your ordinary “Grand Theft Auto” game lifestyle recount. OTM Ruger’s “Jit Stories” takes place on the south side of sunny Saint Pete FL. Painting a picture making sure you see exactly what young black street males go through. Born in 1998, in St. Petersburg Florida, to parents who were from the streets. “They say Ruger you gone end up just like your daddy. But f!%k that I'm thuggin way harder than my daddy.” A popular line from Ruger’s 2017 release “Shooters” that went viral.

Determined to break the generational curse some way, Ruger turns to rap. Not writing his first raps until he was in a juvenile detention prison. He started his rap career late, but early in the streets. Ruger trades his quiet, conservative side for his rough and rugged side when delivering thrills bar for bar in his jit story.

Being one of the front line soldiers in the OTM movement, which stands for “Out The Mud”. This edgy, yet real movement gives Ruger the means to express what he has endured in the streets. It’s another way of him saying, “making something, out of nothing.” Ruger passionately feels his witty wordplay and clever communication through his music will be a true reflection of getting it the OTM way.

He has recently inked a deal with Central Florida’s most professional record label, 16 Digital Llc, & he is currently preparing for his debut album release, produced solely by the industry’s mega hit maker Zaytoven.

Over time he honed his skills all while being incarcerated and acquired the name Ruger. “When I was locked up that's what they were calling me and plus that was the first gun I ever hit for,” says Ruger (as he chuckles and laughs it off).  OTM Ruger’s fanbase, consisting of Rugers (males)  and Roulettes (females) keep him relevant and in viral rotation when it comes to his internet street buzz and in return, he’s loyal and keeps them supplied with high quality “Jit Stories.”

However, with OTM Ruger’s infectious sound, success is on the horizon for the rapidly rising star as he continues to make major moves this year, be sure to keep your trigger finger on OTM Ruger.

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