TheoryH2O Delivers Self-Produced Banger after Banger !!!

From the age of 8 years old John Stephenson, better known as TheoryH2o, has had a passion for the melodic rhythms that make Hip Hop. Loving how Hip Hop unites cultures, he tried his hand at different musical instruments. Intrigued by how a sheet of notes, with no sound, goes into a beautiful work of art. Finally landing on drums. The beat is the most important part of a song. A steady tempo has to be set before any words can be recorded. The sounds of great acts like, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mob Deep, BIG, Dipset, Big Pun, Rakim, OutKast, 8 Ball Ugk and Three Six Mafia, has molded this talented artist into the emcee he is today. 

Lyrics are very important to TheoryH2O. Delivery of his lyrics shows he has a story to tell. When Artist/Engineer/Producer phenom isn’t creating music he is volunteering in the community. To many programs to name that has benefited from his help. On and off the track he shows his passion in varies ways. Being an active duty US Army soldier tops the list. This takes character, compassion, discipline and overall much love for your fellow American. 

With such a huge range of musical influences from Smashing Pumpkins to Young Guru, TheoryH2O inspires to bridge genres in the industry to break the barriers and just make good music. He is growing Black Fever Entertainment to a label creating masterpieces with unexpected artists. That and more people who can wear more hats in the industry, is the only way the Hip Hop industry will survive. One person being able to do more for a song, will cut cost. You wont have to hire so many people during a campaign. Being already featured on Dj Canyon Banyon’s “Industry’s Top 50”, Dj Gamma mixtape “Black Flu.” Link , reaching Dat Piff’s silver status with over 87k views 26k plays 56k downloads, on Hot97, on This is 50 and most recently being in 2018 winter issue of XXL.Theory is definitely an “Artist to Watch.”  

Theory is also great on stage. Currently he is working on his sophomore album titled, “No Identity,” projected to release late Fall 2019, also a compilation album to display the versatility he has between multiple genres and an EP with Chill Go Hard of Street Execs titled “Painite. Having opened for Travis Porter, Lil Durk, Dc Young Fly and Dream Doll. As a fan you have to make sure you catch one of his performances live in the Atlanta area. You can always stay in touch online:

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