Who is @PCE_Sincere ???


Most rappers that are in the music industry, really are not from the streets. More often than none young artists get caught up in the hype. This leads to them finding out the harsh realities of the streets. Their lyrics just do not match their lifestyle. Then there are artists like PCE Sincere. Sincere’s music paints the picture of the things he experienced in the streets. Anyone who has been in the streets in any way will relate to the pictures being painted. Starting in music for creative freedom. Now, Sincere looks to build Paper Chasers Entertainment into an empire, that showcases his team’s talent.

There’s no wonder Jay-Z is Sincere’s musical inspiration. A true rags to riches story. Coming from nothing, showing the world anything is possible, with hard work. Jay-Z put himself in position to be able to help so many become successful. Helping others out the streets and becoming successful, is a strong passion Sincere has had for a while. Sincere started out managing and promoting artists with a good friend and business partner. Sincere took Glasses Malone and FamousKidBrick’s words, “Keep your foot on their necks,” to heart.

After realizing he was on to something big, he hasn’t stopped pushing talented artists since. So make sure you keep look out for CheckTheStar, Tragic and Dirt as inspiring rappers under Paper Chasers Entertainment. Sincere always has new music being released on Spotify and all streamings sites. His mixtape “Interstate Congress” is coming soon. Stay up to date with PCE Sincere.

"I CAN'T LIE" ft Trill Ent. @Joeazzy OUT NOW!!

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