Xtra Overdoze adrenaline-charged EP “Viral Injection”

Deep within a Bronx, New York asylum, you are trapped. No family, no money, nothing to call your own besides the straps of a cold straight jacket and the confining pads of your white cell. You do have something to look forward to, though: a quick dose of narcotic Hip-Hop that will set your mind ablaze. This is the reality that East Coast rapper, Xtra Overdose, creates with his adrenaline-charged release, “Viral Injection”; eight-tracks of idiosyncratic and outlandish rap. The moment this needle pierces your veins, and fluid enters your bloodstream on “Introjection”, you are bombarded with a torrent of bars. Xtra Overdose is an emcee acrobat on this intro, zipping across a bass-heavy, electro-hop beat with a flow and energy that goes unmatched. Certainly, Bronx spitter is all about his delivery; opting to attack his beats with quirky, rapid-fire rhymes throughout the project. It follows him into his boom-bap bangers, such as “What The Deal”, “My Mentality”, “Sour Apple” (feat. Lex the Hex Master), and “Dead Language”, the EP’s outro. Dux, another guest on the album, assists Xtra Overdose with the club-smash, “She’s A Freak”, and when matched with other slappers, like “Red Dixie Cup”, the album is given a modern-trap, party appeal. Yet, whether he is slaying a Golden Era instrumental or the most contemporary production, this rapper remains energetic. He is unhinged and unyielding in the booth; and that will translate to being an epic performer whenever he hits the stage. “Viral Injection” is everything the doctor on the intro skit warns us it is. Yet, it is so exhilarating, you’ll be begging for another dose.

“What The Deal” on Youtube


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