“Park Side Villian Homecoming” // Real Gutta Music drops new Dirty South mixtape

Real Gutta Music is Texas’s “Park Side Villain” on his latest LP. Hosted by DJ Precyse, “Park Side Villain Homecoming” is a fifteen track embodiment of The Lonestar State. Top to bottom, minute to minute, this album is bustling with Dirty South sounds; aggrandized by Real Gutta Music’s unyielding, Texan delivery. The opener, “Sic Em” forwards an archaic, Southern bounce, complete with sinister melodies and trunk-rattling drums. The same can be said for “Death Before Dishonor”, “Just Do It”, and “Pedal To The Metal”; all tracks powerful enough to blast you back to the glory days of Southern Hip-Hop. That is not as far as “Park Side Villain Homecoming” goes, however. The Waco rapper makes certain to tap into all dimensions of the Texas sound. “Keep It Player” is a double cup-ready, smoldering cut, empowered by 808s, a soulful chorus, and milky instrumental. Speaking of soulful, the penultimate record, “Soulful” is a golden, sample-heavy boom-bap smash; whilst the last track, “Cross Roads” brings a similar, soul-sampled energy to a modern-trap beat. While nodding towards various aspects of Texas music with these records, Real Gutta Music does each and everyone of them justice through his performance. He never misses a beat on “Park Side Villain Homecoming”; proving with every second of the forty-six minute opus, that so long as he is rapping, the Texas sound will thrive.

“Park Side Villian Homecoming”
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