The Band of the Hawk releases groovy hiphop song “Ghosts in the Machine Remix” ft. Whoa Vada

Houston’s The Band of The Hawk is on an unstoppable roll. Last year, one of its members — Noah Archangel — released the instrumentally impeccable, “The Machine Wars: Levitikush”. Albeit, the project was seething with outstanding production, one of the most captivating beats was “Ghost In The Machine”. Today, for an in-house celebration of Valentines Day, another member of the clique — Woah Vada — is laying some romantic rhymes to that instrumental, thus offering “Ghost In The Machine (Remix)”. Vada brings a laid-back, Texan swagger to the electronic soundscape of the track. Throughout the entire three-minute and thirty second run-time, there is not a single moment wherein this Southern emcee is in conflict with the bubbly beat. His lyrics jog smoothly across the mix, seasoned by melodies and vibratos he casually slips into his inflection. It does not take a long listen to “Ghost In The Machine (Remix)” to realize that Woah Vada, as well as his The Band of The Hawk team, is onto something special. They are not chained to the typical, Texas sound; and that freedom has them pushing towards new, creative plateaus. Considering “Ghost In The Machine (Remix)”?; it is no argument that they are on the right track. A new wave is preparing to hit the Lonestar state; and The Band of The Hawk is at its helm.

“Ghosts in the Machine Remix” 



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