“The Ghetto Needs a Hero” // Too Real drops conscious hiphop jewels with new song

The truth is almost never presented prettily. More times than not, a reality check will not come gilded in gold, but garbed in the sadness and melancholy of its actuality. An artist—who goes by the name Too Real—knows this all too well, and opts to remind us with his poignant, new single, “Ghetto Needs A Hero”: a reality check on the agony of blacks in America. Surrounded by a gloomy, trap beat produced by HQ Beatz, and supported by featured verses from rappers TONE and Noso, this Minnesota emcee unleashes a torrent of truth through heartbreaking bars. Lush minor chords lurch underneath him, as well as his guests, as each one of them give impactful insights on their experiences and observations as a tortured minority in a country that promised them so much more. From rigged prison systems, failed education programs, poverty, gang violence and the history of slavery, these lyricists use their three minutes and twelve seconds to speak on it all. In doing so—in releasing this moving “Ghetto Needs A Hero”—they keep the ugly truth of black oppression in this nation fresh on all of our minds. Voices like these are what move the needle forward, pushing change by impacting culture. Too Real, TONE, and Noso are all achieving that by making meaningful, conscious music that will stand for years to come. With every rhyme they spit, they actually prove that the ghetto does not need a hero. It already has three.

“The Ghetto Needs a Hero”
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