“The Wknd” // Rhyman is hiphop greatness on new 11-track album

Most upcoming artists in Hip-Hop want nothing more than fame. The art takes a backseat to imagery, trends and social media stunts that will garner them a mainstream break. Few rising rap acts truly value the artistry and prospect of Hip-Hop; however, Swiss emcee, Rhyman, refuses to submit to that case. If anything, his new album, “The Wknd”, is a revival of lyricism and substance in a day where those elements seem to be dwindling away. The eleven track project sports of variety of Golden Era-styled beats, yet, this is not the sole factor that assigns “The Wknd” its Hip-Hop greatness. It is Rhyman’s proficiency as an emcee that makes this album an outlier of 2019. Whether you are cruising to the climatic opener, “Welcome 2 The Wknd”; awe-striking boom-bap cuts, such as “What If” and “Heaven”; the tranquil confessional of “No Sen$e”; or the abstract bangers, “Smog & Fire”, “Basick” and “Outro”; you will never hear Rhyman falter. He remains at the apex of his lyrical game for the duration of “The Wknd”. Does he reference wanting fame and a mainstream break as much as his fellow upcoming artists? Absolutely. However, the difference between him and them, is that Rhyman is willing to earn acclaim the only way you should in Hip-Hop: with creativity, honesty, and pure bars. He brings that triple package to “The Wknd”, and in doing so, has created an album that is true to the culture he breathes.

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