"Death of a Star" // Paul Marz shines light on the new generation of emcees

Staten Island battle rapper, Paul Marz never ceases to amaze! This time its his vivid new 
TrunkFace directed visuals for 'Death of a Star'. Walk with Paul as he chooses the rough path but ultimately climbs to the mountain top. Follow his Paul Marz' growing movement and read the press release below.

"Paul Marz sounds sharper than ever in his latest introspective video 'Death of a Star' directed by TrunkFace. The Shaolin emcee raps "Bury my ego than resurrect because it's Death of a Star, Rise of Titan". Over the last few years Paul has taken a backseat to the spotlight spending 1000's of hours building up the battle rap scene with childhood friend Lexx Luthor. 'Death of a Star' is his message to the world confirming he would prefer to shine light on the new generation of emcees. This track solidifies his role as humble giant in the rap game."


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