“In My Shoes” // Johnny Ca$h lives on with posthumous 10-track masterpiece

In this culture called Hip-Hop, there is no such thing as death. No matter how many songs you may hear about the slain; nor how many lyrical legends we can name, who have succumbed to the streets they described, each and every one of them lives beyond the grave. From the revolutionary Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., to the recently departed, yet prolific Nipsey Hussle, music immortalizes their souls; keeping them so close to our hearts that we have to be reminded they ever left. Such is the case with Mac Dre, and even furthermore, his Thizz Entertainment signee, Johnny Ca$h. Twelve years after his Bay Area-shaking murder in Vallejo, California, this West Coast icon’s spirit is alive and well; flowing powerfully through his posthumous masterpiece “IN MY SHOES”. Released just last month, “IN MY SHOES” offers ten tracks that prove precisely why the rapper’s passing was so impactful: he truly was an asset to West Coast Hip-Hop. From the colossal title track “In My Shoes”, the celestial banger “Snatch Ya Plate”, to joints like “Ta Da Bang” (feat. Nef The Pharoah), “This One”, and the dreamy smash “Wave At Em” (feat. Vipete and Rydah J Klyde), this project is irrefutable evidence that Johnny Ca$h was on a road to international stardom. Effortlessly, he flexes lyricism, swagger, and a street-hardened flow; stomping over the crispiest beats last decade could hone. At 25, Johnny Castaneda Jr. was already a master of the art of rap. So much so, that “IN MY SHOES” feels more fiery and poignant than some of our breathing legend’s greatest works. Perhaps, that is because the Richmond rapper himself is now a legend, and this album is his crown. When it comes to this culture called Hip-Hop, Johnny Ca$h never died. So long as we are pressing play, and cherishing his every body of work, the icon lives on.

“In My Shoes”
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