M.$.G. - "I Just Wanna Be Happy"

M.$.G. is a rapper/producer from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. While spending the early years of his life throughout the Northeastern Coast of the United States, at 13 he and his mother moved to Austin, Texas. Shortly after that, in 2015, young Soul started producing, writing, and free-styling every day. He continued this throughout high school, and past graduation, but failed to release anything. During this time, Soul suffered from a deep depression, and bipolar symptoms.
In 2018 came the birth of his daughter, and during this year, Soul went to work. 
Having defeated pneumonia, depression, and a case.. he introduced himself to the world as “$oulyghost”. A soulful producer with a sound unmatched. He then created his own record label, “New Soul Same Ghost”, and shortly after, created his website (www.newsoulsameghost.com) with merch to fit the vibe. 
In 2019, $oulyghost evolved into M.$.G. (MR$OULYGHOST). 
Follow on Twitter: @mrsoulyghost

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