TruthDaRealest - "Cuff Ya Chick" (Prod. SYN)

TruthDaRealest has been doing music since 2012 and is currently working on upcoming EP. 2014 she was nominated for “Best Female Rapper” for the GA Music Awards. 
Cuff Ya Chick” is a single that pushes the limit and the song is catchy overall. The song "Cuff Ya Chick" is a two song mashup in one. Truth puts together a two sided perspective in one song. "Cuff Ya Chick" is the first perspective that let's someone know that they should lock down a relationship with somebody that won't easily be distracted by other people. "Swerve" is the second perspective in the song. "Swerve" is the perspective that is letting someone know that if they’re not with whatever you're with, then they will be passed up for a person that is. 

The combination of both songs together takes this song to new levels.

Twitter: @TruthDaRealest 
Instagram: @TruthDaRealest 

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