Lil Edd Has Became A Very Important Part of The Music Industry

Musician/Audio Engineer, Eddie Rosa III, better known as Lil Edd, has became a very important part of the music industry. Edd started his music career at a younger age, being inspired by Lil Romeo, Lil Sammy, etc. at the time. which made him want to start doing his own music. He mentioned " I always said to myself , at that time "If these young artist are successful with a tremendous amount of supporters and they're around my age range, then I have faith that one day I could do the same" Which later transitioned into me purchasing my first laptop where I downloaded the recording DAW "Mixcraft" I had no clue how to use this whatsoever, but this is where YouTube tutorials came in clutch. Throughout the weeks of learning how to use Mixcraft, I began to record multiple songs with the laptop mic. Looking back on those times, I would never ever go back to that quality ever again".
Lil Edd is born and raised in a small town by the name of Lincolnton, in North Carolina where he jumped off his music career. Edd mentions "Some wonder why I choose the name Lil Edd for an artist name. I've been called Lil Edd by my family since I was born, considering I'm the 3rd generation. My Dad and Grandfather both share the name Eddie Rosa, which is why I'm Lil Edd" His Father is Puerto Rican and his mother is African American. Edd mentions "I'm living the best of both worlds!"
Throughout high school. Edd always had plans of going to college to get a degree in Computer engineering, but he mentions "I've always been known for being musically inclined by family, friends, and even people that didn't really rock with me. Even now, I would agree, my music wasn't all that good haha, but it's always room for growth. I don't regret any songs that I've made in the past even if I don't like them and made them private. Looking back on it, it shows me know how much I've improved, quality, and lyrically wise. In 12th grade, I got my 1st fan-base on this app called Keek, where I would do random videos such as giving advice, showcasing my music, making funny videos.. etc. Long story short I ended up getting around 90k followers on that app. I then knew, this could be something serious."
Lil Edd didn't end up going to college, but rather pursued his career in music. Throughout his music career, starting from Keek in 2012, until now, Edd has grew an even bigger audience! A song featured with Lil Edd "Throw It Back" has aired on WPEG Power 98 FM for Carolina artist of the week. He also has a release on his Vevo channel by the name of "What You Do". In 2016, Edd decided to create remix videos on his Twitter account to very popular old and new school songs, which started gaining lots of attention, expanding his name throughout the states and different countries. Not only did his audience get bigger, but Edd was introduced to, his now girlfriend of nearly 3 years, French model and Influencer, Jessica known as Jessy Honey on Twitter, in August. The connection between the two lead Lil Edd to visit Jessica in her country, Paris France. 7 months after strongly getting to know each other. Lil Edd mentions "It's so surreal what social media can do for you. I honestly never thought I would have gotten into a long distance relationship, ever. But I thank God it happened, because I found my soul-mate. Thank you Twitter haha"
Not only has Edd made songs, met his girlfriend from France, and gained an audience, but he also does audio engineering! He later discontinued his own music to help other artist and YouTubers find their sound. Making great income, Lil Edd has built his home studio with major hardware gear... you would see in a actual recording studio. Edd has mixed and mastered songs that has millions of views! "The biggest songs I've mixed and mastered has over 20-30 million views from DDG, Quadeca, and a couple of more artist with over a million views. Sometimes I look back at the songs I mixed for them in the past, and wish I could re mix them with the experience and software/hardware that I have now, which I didn't have before when mixing those tracks. But it's a learning curve and after all, they still went viral!" Edd mentions.
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