“Maintain” // Man-E Man delivers new Bay area sound with fresh visuals

Man-E Man knows exactly what he is doing. Not only is he authentically conferring himself through the music he’s presenting, but he is likewise bringing a new sound to Oakland, California; and “Maintain” is three minutes of absolute proof. Coupled with a vivid music video, featuring the510man cooling in his Bay Area abode, “Maintain” is a colossal, West Coast offering. It barters the Hyphy bounce that The Town immortalized, for the rumbling and rhythmic sensibilities of modern-trap; morphing “Maintain” from the danceable single it would have been, into a street-hardened anthem. Yet, you should not mistaken this appeal to our modern climate of Hip-Hop, for an abandonment of Oakland rap. No, Man-E Man makes certain that his home turf is equivocally represented, proffering lyric after lyric dedicated to the 510. The attitude and energy of O-Town is undeniable on this record; delivered over rolling 808s and an ominous melody, through the placid inflection that the lot of our West Coast greats are known for. As vehemently as the likes of Too Short, Philthy Rich, and Mistah F.A.B, Man-E Man also lyrically crusades for Oakland’s recognition. And he’ll be damned if, after this titanic single, Hip-Hop’s new school does not acknowledge what the Bright Side of the Bay has to offer.

“Maintain” on Youtube 



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