Nahhdahh Releases Eye Opening Hit Single “I Feel A Way” Prod By Lasik Beats

Having spent the better part of two decades working behind the scenes in hip hop, the Oakland rap veteran is stepping into the spotlight with the hard hitting and inspirational “I Feel A Way. Describing its message, Nahhdahh says “Sometimes you have to be careful of who you allow in your space.” Not pulling any punches, the track keeps things positive in the face of adversity; boasting of the strength of the individual. It is a message that rings true with the rapper’s earlier work. He has built a reputation as a strong lyricist who can give deep insights into the personal and political ramifications of living in the modern world, and this track keeps that hot streak going.

Coming from a poor community in Oakland, Nahhdahh has always been committed to being a positive influence on his city; never falling prey to crime and drugs like some of his peers. Building himself from the ground up, he collaborated with Russell Simmons and Dewayne Wiggins just to name a few. Now he is stepping out from behind the curtains armed with just his own intelligence, drive, and self belief.

“I Feel A Way” is the follow up to “Sad Day,” which Nahhdahh released earlier this spring to considerable online buzz. Getting Likes And Comments From Twista , Sauce Walka , Lil B and more. Stereo Stickman called it “conceptually poignant and impossible to ignore,” and Buzz-Music praised the rapper’s “versatile flow and thought provoking lyricism.” Nahhdahh was also a featured artist on Thizzler, calling him "an artist who could take aim at everything that’s wrong with society.”

“I Feel A Way” is available on all streaming platforms now.

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