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Hip Hop Herbalist and spiritual, Ben Steezy has had his share of breaking points but while using his love for hip hop. He has developed a new wave with sacred plants and Tonic Herbs which became the cornerstone to his current successes. Transparent and willing to use his life as a testimony, his music is relatable. Born in Southern California, and rooted in Sedona, AZ, Ben faced multiple surgeries and inabilities to walk as a child but remained passionate.

Street Bangers & Bitter Herbs offers full dosage of classic 80’s east coast hip hop splashed with conscious wordplay and sounded production. Solidified with lyrical versatility, he delivers a unique style of flow like non other. In a category of his own, Ben Steezy is well on his cool kids’s path, focused and demeanor to create success.

With multiple successful musical releases, Ben future is shining brighter than the sun.

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