Marley Sosa - "My Heart Left"

“MY HEART LEFT” is deep story on a dark instrumental. From the chorus through each verse Marley Sosa is painting a picture of events that caused him to become heartless in a cold world. From situations in the streets where you expect your partners to be as solid as you are only to find out when the cards stacked against him he was the last man standing. The visual is one that meant a lot to him.  It was shot opposite of the same location of his debut visual “MORE” but in the time between shooting both visuals his close friend & brothers best friend was fatally shot & killed outside his business. You can see in the video he & his brother paying homage to the loss of their brother. Marley Sosa is “Raw” “Original” & “Unapologetically Authentic”. He is living up to the title of being “the Hardest Artist” in NC. 
IG - @marleysosacbf

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